Central Sunset

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The Sunset (as well as neighboring Parkside) used to be sand dunes. In an effort to change the area’s gloomy reputation, former city assessor, Aurelius E. Buckingham, dubbed it Sunset. The first half of the 20th Century saw much development, including the addition of the streetcar tunnels, which further advanced the neighborhoods. Homes are neatly organized row houses, many built by Henry Doelger in the 1930s. An abundance of trees and foliage separate traffic from the ambulatory travelers who enjoy walking, biking and jogging along Sunset Boulevard. The neighborhood’s diversity is reflected in the variety of dining opportunities. A hof brau, noodle house, Irish pub or Vietnamese restaurant may all be found in close proximity. Pockets of neighborhood shopping can be found here with an abundance of dining choices. Access to Golden Gate Park is easy, and parking, apart from the Irving Street shops, is more available than in many neighborhoods. Once dubbed The Outside Lands, the area now boasts a concert series so named, sprung from a revival movement exploring the rich history of the area. Oh, and don’t miss the surfers sipping coffee at Java Beach Cafe on La Playa at Judah.