Rainy days are good for home buyers


California is in a major drought. We need rain. If you are a home buyer in the market for a single family home, there is yet another benefit to the wet stuff. Touring your dream home on a rainy day can tell you a lot about your prospective home before you submit an offer.

Probably one of the last things you want to do is go out and look at homes in the rain. If you’re like most people, you want to see houses on a sunny spring day. Visiting a house on a rainy day however can sometimes be more helpful, here’s why:

Ideally when rain falls, it runs off the roof in to the gutters and eventually flows away from the house through a drain or pipe to the street or sewer. Given the hilly terrain in San Francisco, older housing stock, and densely packed neighborhoods, heavy rain in San Francisco sometimes leads to “ponding” or standing water with no place to go. Standing water tends to seep in to places it should not be (like walls, foundations, garages, or basements). Keeping water away from your home is important to help prevent issues like dry rot, wood boring beetles, foundation deterioration, termites, and mold. So while checking out your new prospective house, always keep your eye out for standing water around the outside of the home and in the garage or basement.

Another benefit of touring a home in the rain:  if a roof or skylight needs repair, there might be some visible signs of a leak. Be sure to look up at the ceiling occasionally as you are walking around. If you see signs of a ceiling repair or even differences in paint texture, it may be worth at least asking about.

I’m not a home inspector, but I’ve learned a bit by attending hundreds of home inspections with clients. I have many more home buying tips to share. Feel free to get in touch.